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What is safety equity?

We coined the term "safety equity" to describe our belief that safety is a human right and that all school districts, regardless of size, influence, or funding should have their basic safety and security needs covered. Risk and Vulnerability Studies help you to understand the risks that your school faces and determine what you need to do to fill those gaps. Most states require the completion of Physical Security Assessments in order to apply for grant funding. We believe that your security dollars should be spent on improving your security that why training and assessments are on us.


Physical Security


Most states require an up to date physical security assessment to qualify for safety and security grants. This is a necessary assessment to understand what you can do to improve the security of your school buildings and premises.

Life Threat


Based on learning from the failures and critical points of intervention identified in past active shooter events, this assessment focuses on evaluating your building's physical safety and identifying vulnerabilities in current protocols. We provide a report with steps for risk mitigation and provide training on process improvement. 


Risk and


This is a full scope study on your school's physical security, internal/ external risks and vulnerabilities, processes, and emergency planning and management strategies. This is first step for preparing your school for health and safety risks on campus and understanding what you can do mitigate those risks.




Emergency operations planning requires continual identification of risks posed by threats and hazards, and the vulnerabilities that your school has to those threats. We help you prepare your personnel and processes to mitigate these vulnerabilities so that you can respond to threats effectively and efficiently.



We've done the work to help make your security improvement process as easy as possible. We provide you with a detailed list of campus safety products from us, our preferred partners, and others that includes detailed pricing and bid-ready documentation for the RFQ and grant process.



Our team of Intelligence Analysts and Officer are trained to help you preempt threats by providing you with a detailed analysis report on your school and areas risks. We keep you up to date with events and patterns that can affect the health and safety of your students and staff.


Behavioral Threat


The most effective method of preventing school shootings is to train faculty, staff, and students in threat assessment. This training includes how to create an in-house threat assessment team and educates the school in the concepts of “attack-related behavior” and “leakage.”

Physical Security


This training for school safety administrators and law enforcement is designed to teach the most effective ways to conduct a physical security assessment.

Active Threat


This training for school safety administrators and law enforcement is designed to teach how to coordinate incident response in the event of an active threat on campus from identification, response, reunification, and post-incident.

Violence Prevention


Reviews steps that schools can take to maintain safety including: addressing school atmosphere, environment, communication, record keeping, and physical security. 

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